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Your House Onscreen

It's exciting to visit the places where movies and TV shows have been shot, but have you ever considered the possibility of putting your own house or property on the big (or small) screen? It's not that ridiculous an idea. It could be a nice way to earn a bit of extra money, and you'll have a great anecdote to tell people!

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Standing Sets

While film-makers often use existing buildings as locations, occasionally it makes more sense to build their own buildings specifically for filming purposes. The American film studios have permanent sets on their backlots which can be used when needed. In this country we don't make enough films and TV shows for this to be worth doing, but we do have long running drama serials which often build their own permanent sets.

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Sherlock Holmes

Created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th Century, Sherlock Holmes is the most famous character in British literature. The character has appeared in a multitude of movies - some notably less faithful adaptations than others.

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Movie Deja Vu

Because some locations are particularly suitable for filming, whether because of ease of access, or because they can stand in for lots of different places, they tend to get used in lots of films. Sometimes this can leave you wondering where you've seen that room/building before. Here are some examples...

Movie Deja Vu #1, Movie Deja Vu #2, Movie Deja Vu #3.

British Scenes Filmed Abroad

Have you ever watched a scene in a movie which is set in Britain, but something just didn't look right? Perhaps it was because it wasn't actually filmed in Britain...

British Scenes Filmed Abroad.

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