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Your House On The Big Screen!

Notting Hill

Visiting somewhere which has appeared in a film can be quite exciting, but wouldn't it be even more exciting if your own home or business actually appeared on screen in a movie or TV show?

If you own your own property, and can cope with the disruption of having a film crew in it, hiring it out as a location is not that mad an idea. There are, however, some things to be aware of...


Because of where the studios are, and where most crew members live, your property is most likely to be used if it's in Greater London. After London, the following areas are also used... Within an hour's drive of London; The M62 corridor through Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool; Cardiff and Bristol; Edinburgh and Glasgow. If your property is not in any of these areas, then it's much less likely to be used, unless...

The Property Itself

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

If your property is unusual, or can double for somewhere which would otherwise be expensive to film at, it is more likely to be used. Is it ultra-modern? Shabby chic? Straight out of the 1940s? Does it look American? Or French? Or Middle-Eastern? Does it look like 10 Downing Street? Does it look really creepy?

It's worth applying to location libraries anyway, because TV shows and films (particularly low or mid budget films) are sometimes based in less-often used areas. Just be aware that if your property is a very average house in Lincolnshire, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up!

Location Libraries

Here are some location libraries (in random order). There are several types of production which use location libraries, including movies, TV shows, adverts, music videos, corporate videos, and commercial stills photography. Some location libraries get more work in some areas than in other areas. Also, some of them specialise in certain areas of the country. Have a look at their websites and decide if they are for you.

Shaun of The Dead

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