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Another Major Recode

I’ve let the site go stale for a bit, not really doing any work on it or adding any new info for quite some time. So I decided that it was about time I gave it a bit of a spruce up.

I’ve known for quite a while that the site doesn’t really work very well on mobiles, or any device with a small screen, so I decided to do a recode to accommodate these devices. While I was doing that, I remembered that there were lots of other changes I wanted to make, so I included those as well. In the end I’ve more-or-less recoded the entire site. Stupidly, I’ve kept the same design. Making the site fit mobile screens would have been much easier if I’d redesigned the look of the site a bit. Still, never mind.

Here are some changes I’ve made:

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New blog

Hello location-lovers!

As you can see, this site now has a blog. When I started this site, it was basically an excuse to learn database programming. I was interested in film locations, as I am about most aspects of film production, but it wasn’t until I started adding more movies to the site that I became a bit more location-obsessed.

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