Location Recce on Google Streetview

I was having a nosey about on Google Streetview around the Hoxton Square area of East London, when I came across a group of guys standing around in a back street. A couple of them have cameras, and one is using an organiser or mobile device of some sort. What could they be doing?

Link to Streetview (look left and right to see the other people).

The reason I was looking in this area is that a few things seem to have been filmed here recently. The Streetview images were apparently captured in May of this year. The upcoming movie Legend – a film about the Kray twins starring Tom Hardy – started shooting the following month. Could this be a location recce for that film?

Certainly, although the faces are blurred, the guy giving the ‘peace’ sign looks very much like Legend‘s director of photography, Dick Pope.

Here he is in Cannes (on the left), also in May of this year. Notice how similarly dressed he is? Is it the same person?

And if it is him in Streetview, then could that be Brian Helgeland standing to his left? Certainly he seems to be wearing very similar shoes in this picture from the set the following month (Helgeland is in the red jacket)…

Most convincingly of all, the guy to Pope’s right on Streetview is wearing the same shoes and jacket, and has the same hair, as the man standing next to Helgeland in the above set photo. Is he a producer? An assistant? Helgeland’s drinking buddy?

Unfortunately, I can’t identify any of the other people on the recce. You’d expect there to be at least a location manager there, but who knows what they look like?