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An American Werewolf In-Joke

An American Werewolf In London poster

John Landis is renowned, probably more than any other film director, for putting in-jokes in his movies. He frequently casts behind-the-scenes personnel in cameo roles in his films; he includes the phrase “See you next Wednesday“, which is a line of dialogue from 2001: A Space Odyssey, in many of his movies; the credits of his early movies all recommend you “Ask for Babs” when you visit Universal Studios; he often features old movies, TV shows, or cartoons on televisions in his movies.

All these in-jokes, and more, appear in his British-shot film An American Werewolf In London. But I think I may have stumbled on another in-joke in that film – an in-joke which is so incredibly obscure, I believe I may be the first person ever to get it in the 30+ years since the film was released.

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