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All the information about the site in an easy to ignore FAQ-type thingy.

  1. What is the point of this site?
  2. This site is intended as a resource for people who want to visit movie locations in the British Isles. I created it because there were very few resources around at the time which gave accurate enough information to actually visit sites. The information on other sites either wasn't very accurate (just giving the city a film was shot in, for example), or hadn't been verified (for years loads of sites said that 'Oliver' was filmed in Bath. It wasn't. This is just one example of many which nobody bothered to check).

  3. I imagine you must have some kind of disclaimer, like on all those proper sites?
  4. Yes, I do! It is my intention to make this the most accurate guide to British filming locations on the internet. There are sites out there which allow anyone to upload any information with minimal verification - this is not one of them. All scenes are now given an accuracy rating, so you may judge the accuracy for yourself. Although I endeavor to make the site as accurate as I can, I can't guarantee that any of the information contained within is actually true or fit for any purpose. If you travel all the way from China to visit a location and it turns out not to exist or you are denied access, well, I'm truly sorry, but it's not my problem. Also, some of the locations listed here are on private property which is not open to the public. Do not trespass - if you break the law, any consequences are entirely your fault. Basically, anything unpleasant which happens as a result of you using this site is nothing to do with me. :) If you do want to check how reliable a particular piece of information is, feel free to ask me.

  5. Why do you have locations in Ireland? That's not in Britain!
  6. This website covers locations in the British Isles, which includes the UK, The Isle Of Man, and the Republic of Ireland. Sadly, there isn't an adjective which collectively refers to all these places.

  7. Why include locations which are not open to the public?
  8. Well, a location might not be open to the public, but you may find that you can get access under certain situations. For instance Heatherden Hall on the Pinewood Studios site is not open to the public, but you can book it for weddings, so you could find yourself there under contrived circumstances.

  9. Who runs this site?
  10. This site was created and is run entirely by Paul Plowman (me!) in Manchester, England.

  11. How is it funded?
  12. Out of my pocket! :S

  13. What does the little "R" mean in the corner of the screenshot?
  14. A little "R" signifies that there is a "Real-life" photo of the same location - ie. a photo which I, or someone else, has taken from the same place. Go to the larger screenshot and you should see two buttons under it which allow you to compare "Real" and "Movie" images. See here for an example.

  15. Why don't you have any information for [film name]?
  16. Essentially this is a hobby site - I'm not paid to update it. I just add films as and when I watch them or come across info. I have a lot of yet-to-be-watched DVDs, so if there's a certain film you're interested in, contact me and if I have it I'll move it up the pile!

  17. Why are certain films missing actor info, or poster images?
  18. Adding this stuff is very time consuming, I'm afraid! It will eventually be done!

  19. I contacted the site ages ago with info/a query - why no response?
  20. Life stuff getting in the way! I'm attempting to give more attention to the site, but certainly in the past a lot of emails went unread. Sorry.

  21. What if my question has not been answered by this so-called FAQ?
  22. I suggest that you use the contact page to ask me your question directly!